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YOSHIDA Yoshiaki

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Academic papers
No.Title URL, Journal, Vol( No), Start Page- End Page, Publication date, DOI 
Direct Detection Method of Ground Fault by the Contact between High and Low Voltage Lines from Low Voltage Distribution Line Side for Three Phase Power Conditioners , , 138( 2), 69- 81, Feb. 1, 2018, 10.1541/ieejpes.138.69 
A basic study on novel islanding detection method for photovoltaic inverters by positive feedback of harmonic voltage , Journal of International Council on Electrical Engineering, 6( 1), 160- 165, Jul. 1, 2016,  
Islanding Prevention Method for Photovoltaic System by Harmonic Injection Synchronized with Exciting Current Harmonics of Pole Transformer , Journal of International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, 3( 3), 331- 338, Sep. 1, 2014,  
Analysis of Islanding-Prevention by Detecting Harmonic Voltage Considering Nonlinear Magnetizing Characteristics of Pole Transformer , Journal of International Council on Electrical Engineering, 3( 1), 12- 19, Jan. 1, 2013,